Welcome to Direction Point!

About Direction Point:

Direction Point is a Dr. Who podcast network with the aim of reaching a larger audience for our podcasts. A podcast network can reach more listeners that just going it alone.

Direction Point will also help new podcasters by having your questions answered by veteran podcasting hosts. Podcasts helping podcasts is one way to help you on your way to having a successful Dr. Who podcast!  At a few Chicago TARDIS conventions, there was a panel called Dr. Who Podcasting which aimed to help new podcasters. This will be the place year-round.

If you are a new podcaster or a veteran, you are welcome to join us.

Our founding members include: The Doctor Who Collectors Podcast, The Doctor Who Target Book Club Podcast, Police Box in a Junkyard Podcast, and Timestreams.

We welcome our new members: The Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Podcast

Just scroll down the page and see our podcasts to the right. You can subscribe to any of them from here!

Why Direction Point?

In the 2nd Doctor adventure, “The Krotons”, the Krotons could not see so they needed to navigate by asking for “Direction Point.” We can help you navigate the waters of marketing your podcast and helping you reach a larger Dr. Who audience. We ask our partner podcasts to produce 30-second trailers for each of the other members. This doesn’t take long, just do one as a template then add: “You’re listening to________” We will do it for you in return.  This is proven to expand audiences!  Our podcasters have shown growth since joining the network.

How is this done for free?

The Website cost is covered by donations. It is a small expense.  We are happy to accept donations.  Email [email protected] for information. We are not a charity so it cannot be deducted.

How to join Direction Point:

Click here to fill out our form.

Happy Podcasting

Larry VanMersbergen, Director
Direction Point.